RADIUS® Toothbrushes Help Prevent Against Heart Disease

Kutztown, PA March, 2011 - A recent segment on the Martha Stewart Show shined light on some important health information, as Whole Living Senior Editor, Terri Trespicco, discussed surprising precautionary measures for preventing heart disease. The first item mentioned: Radius® Toothbrushes.

The bathroom may not seem like the first place to turn to up the ante on heart disease prevention, but according to a consensus paper released in 2009 in the American Journal of Cardiology and Journal of Periodontology, those with periodontal disease are TWICE as likely to have heart problems. When the mouth has excessive cavities, gingivitis or missing teeth, it is much easier for bacteria to enter the body orally—which ultimately can cause inflammation and lead to heart problems. This means taking care of teeth and gums is more important than most people ever knew.

As quoted in an article outlining the research of the perio-cardio connection “As a result of the paper, cardiologists may now examine a patient’s mouth, and periodontists may begin asking questions about heart health and family history of heart disease.”

Heart disease is an umbrella term for various diseases that affect the heart and it is the number one killer of women in the US.

To take the utmost care of those pearly whites—and ultimately the heart— RADIUS® offers a variety of brushes made of recycled materials that are designed to softly massage the gums as well as effectively brush the teeth, giving the user a cleaner, more enjoyable brushing experience. The RADIUS® Original and SCUBA Toothbrush styles are the largest and widest of the RADIUS® design collection with 300% more bristles than an ordinary toothbrush. By designing their toothbrushes with large enough heads to serve as both a tooth and gum brush, RADIUS® has created a tool that is a fundamental key to preventative health.

In fact, due to the large size of the RADIUS® Toothbrush, the segment included some banter where Terri Trespicco exclaimed that while she uses the toothbrush and loves it she didn’t think Martha Stewart would like it—to which Stewart surprised here by putting in her mouth and commenting “I’ve now adopted it…It’s very massaging on your teeth” and “I have a big mouth. I can handle it.”

To see the Martha Stewart Show segment and learn more about heart health and Radius® Toothbrushes, visit our Youtube channel.

RADIUS is a 27 year-old family-owned consumer products company. It is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of specialty toothbrushes and complimentary products, including toiletries’ travel cases and dental floss. RADIUS is a leader in the natural products industry in personal care and is renowned for its combination of innovative designs, premium materials, and eco-conscious manufacturing that redefines ordinary personal care products with the goal of enhancing the quality and enjoyment of everyday routines. The company is vertically integrates, design and manufacturing, inspecting all of its products by hand. Parallel goals of promoting energy-efficient manufacturing and a focus on a clean and cutting-edge design presence sets Radius apart from the rest.

For more information about RADIUS®, or to speak with Saskia Foley, contact Leesa Raab at 212.693.2150 x314, leesa@adinfinitumny.com or Beth Hurtubise at 212.693.2150 x311, beth@adinfinitumny.com

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