The DOC® - multi-use suction holder is the newest member of its designer family

KUTZTOWN, PA October, 2011 – This fall, RADIUS is proud to present the newest wonder child to join the RADIUS family--the DOC®: multi-use suction holder. The DOC® epitomizes the essence of RADIUS design--clean, thoughtful eco- and ergo-innovations bent on changing the scope of the everyday mundane.


Source Toothbrush featured in Packaging Design Magazine

Packaging Design Magazine dedicates and entire issue to weighing in on Sustainable Packaging

KUTZTOWN, PA April, 2011 – In the December 2010 issue of Packaging Design Magazine, part two of a three part series devoted to sustainable packaging, a picture of the front and back of the Source toothbrush packaging can be seen. Next to that picture the caption reads, “The sustainability-minded Source toothbrush by Radius outlines all of the sustainability and effectiveness benefits on the back panel.”


Foley Continues Environmental and Product innovation Focused Initiatives In Her New Role

KUTZTOWN, PA March, 2011 – Saskia Foley, daughter of founder Kevin Foley, is now the CEO of RADIUS®. She joined the family business over 15 years ago, working in assembly during her summers home from school, and has spent the past few years as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, learning everything there is to know about the industry. As CEO, Foley’s entrepreneurial spirit and MBA background at Babson College (Olin School of Business), #1 in the USA for Entrepreneurship, coupled with her creativity and passion for the brand will allow her to continue the tradition of innovation started by her father upon creating RADIUS®. Kevin Foley will stay on as President and Founder.


RADIUS® Toothbrushes Help Prevent Against Heart Disease

Kutztown, PA March, 2011 - A recent segment on the Martha Stewart Show shined light on some important health information, as Whole Living Senior Editor, Terri Trespicco, discussed surprising precautionary measures for preventing heart disease. The first item mentioned: Radius® Toothbrushes.

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RADIUS® has a dedicated following of users including Sting, Cher, Whoopi Goldberg and many more. Read recent testimonials from fans.

The advanced technology in the RADIUS® Toothbrush appeals to dentists and those in the know - find out why and learn some valuable tips about oral hygiene.

RADIUS® was founded on the Caribbean island of Tortola. James O'Halloran and Kevin Foley were architects who were fascinated by the idea of a functional and enjoyable toothbrush.

Before RADIUS® embarks on making a new product, we put the concept through an evaluation to make sure that we are not just making some more landfill in the name of progress.