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Some pretty big people are big fans of the Radius toothbrush. Sting called to find out where he could pick up a RADIUS on a US tour, Whoopi Goldberg talked about us on TV, Robert Redford wouldn't be without his, Jane Fonda had several in each of her several houses and Cher refused to give up hers to an artist seeking to incorporate it in a painting of her.

November 18,2014

Thank you so much, Kelly! Thank you for the wonderful customer service! I saw a picture of you on the RADIUS Blog, so cool to see who I'm speaking to! Thanks again!


October 31,2014

I love my Original RADIUS. I walk around using it. Find myself walking out of the house with it. As a result I've lost my first one. Can you add a hole so I can put it around my neck. When I got a replacement original I also picked up a source to keep in my purse. again i love the feel of the original.... Thanks


October 30,2014

I first purchased your toothbrush through the Isabella catalog. Fortunately, my local Whole Foods carries it also. I have liked your toothbrush very much and I have given one to a few friends also. Recently, I bought a left-handed one by mistake and it just seemed like such a nuisance to return it, (Whole Foods is great about returns) that I just used it anyway. Well, speaking as a right-handed person, I have to say that I now prefer the left-handed model. I find that it is easier to brush the inside sides of my teeth as well as the outsides. So now I’ll be buying the left-handed model. I just thought I’d tell you.

-Jon C. Scott, President & CEO, Greater Reading Economic Partnership

October 28,2014

Dear RADIUS, What a wonderful article and photograph in today's Business Weekly. It is great to hear that Saskia's involvement and philosophy has helped RADIUS grow over the past few years. We are so proud that you have done it in Kuztown. Best wishes for continues success!

-Barbara B, Charlestown, MA

October 24,2014

I switched out our toothbrushes and we are avid RADIUS toothbrush users for a few months now! My boyfriend just went to the dentist and the dentist was so impressed with his oral care and gums! She said, “ I see you’re finally flossing”! He says, “Nope”. She asks what’s different in his oral care routine, and he tells her he switched toothbrushes. She asked him for the details on these toothbrushes. I sent a photo of the Source and Scuba to him for his Dentist. The Dentist is very impressed!

-Adrienne K, Redwood City, CA

October 15,2014

My dentist told me I have BEAUTIFUL teeth, and she and the hygienist commented on my home care as ‘stellar’. (I admit – it had been 18 months since my last cleaning……) This comment from a dental office is a FIRST! And my gums are the healthiest they've been in years, they commented on those too. The only difference is – I’ve been using Source Super Soft and a Lefty Scuba since February! I had given her a Source to try, and she LOVES it. Of course!

-Janet D, Phoenix, AZ

October 7,2014

My name is Rich and I am writing to you to say that I am a huge fan of companies like yours that keep jobs in the USA! It seems like most companies today decide to save money by sending their operations overseas and the end result is a poor product. Keep up the great work! Companies like yours keep the American dream alive!

-Rich W, Lancaster PA

October 7,2014

I' m all in with your SCUBA......greatest brushing experience ever! SUPER SOFT is the way to go........believe it or not ......SCUBA makes brushing somewhat enjoyable.....also like the flex- head........well thought out/excellent design !.....and the toothbrush rubber holder/nice touch. Iguess you can say.....I'm impressed !


September 28,2014

We met briefly at the Natural Products Expo East. My family thought it was so cool to meet the inventor of the radius! Just wanted to thank you again for such a cool product!  

-Brian, Counter Culture Coffee

September 2, 2014

WOW! – these are the smartest toothbrushes I've ever seen. Not sure why it took humans so long to come up with such a nice design, but it's actually gotten me excited to brush my teeth! The key is the huge head. I also appreciate all the attention to the Left Handed People – sometimes we get left behind by the Rightists. I'll be a customer for life – love it! Plus the floss is a smart package too. Very nice job! This stuff is so much better than the standard. Ciao, Mason >

Mason Bates is a distinguished American composer of symphonic music. Bates is best known for his expansion of the orchestra to include electronics. One of the most-performed composers of his generation, he has worked closely with the San Francisco Symphony and currently holds the position of composer-in-residence with the Chicago Symphony. >

You can purchase his music on Amazon or on  

June 25, 2013

Thanks for being thoughtful and conscientious and making it possible for my son to have an affordable, safe toothbrush. We are living in good times and we are happy to patronize your company. Thanks again!  

-Laura and son Aleister Salmon (25mos.)

January 17, 2013

I just received my new Radius toothbrush in the mail and couldn't wait to try it out. I have to say, it felt a little awkward at first, being that the surface is twice as big as my normal toothbrush, but right off, I could really feel it messaging my gums like I didn't get with my regular brush. When I was through brushing, it made my mouth feel as clean as when I go for a cleaning from my dentist. I can't wait until the next time I brush!!! Great product!!! Glad I tried it!! 

-D. Selig, Scranton, PA

July 22, 2012

I love the new Organic Silk Floss! Have been using it for ages, and love how biodegradable and ecological the packaging is but also how well the floss works! One of the best I've found, and now it is even better!  

-Vincent, Minnesota

July 20, 2012

Just want to thank you, I love your toothbrush, and the fact that it is made in the USA.

-David, North Palm Beach

November 7, 2012

Your silk floss is out of this world. It would be unfair to even compare your product to any others,as I have never felt anything like it before. Smooth as silk(sorry but it's true), easy to use, extremely effective, and is really fun to use. I have used Toms, and every other 'natural' dental product that I have come upon.

-Constance, Madison, WI

November 6, 2012

My son introduced my husband and I to the Radius toothbrush in late 2009. At first, I felt like I was using a Fuller brush on my teeth, but after just a few days, I got used to it and have used it ever since. I love my Radius, and, being left-handed, the toothbrush is much more comfortable to use than a conventional toothbrush. I would never even consider going back to a standard toothbrush. My teeth and mouth feel so clean after using my Radius. Thank you for making such a unique and useful product!

-Lois A., Kansas

June 21, 2012

I recently purchased, anew, a new RADIUS Source toothbrush, soft, recycled wood fiber. I am so pleased that I wished you to know- I brush my teeth all the time now and literally am coming up with a reason to brush my teeth it feels so good and soft. I've never found such soft bristles and I know that, combined with the wider head and wonderfully ergonomic grip, I really feel wonderful about brushing my teeth. Thank goodness I have this for my next lifetime when I'm a kid and can have a good time brushing my teeth instead of resistance. Thank you for really changing the world and the way people feel about brushing their teeth!. 


Molly Anne

May 17, 2012

I just wanted to let your company know how much my wife and I respect your incredible Kidz toothbrush and awesome Original toothbrushes. It is so rare in this economy for a company to have such quality dental care products for a reasonable cost and I wanted to five RADIUS my wholehearted appreciation. 

-Nick, NJ

April 18, 2012

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your products. I use your toothbrushes all the time, and it is the only toothbrush I use! I love how they are eco friendly and the heads are replaceable. They work so well!

-Allie, Canada 

Dentist Recommendation

Dear Radius,
The two most common problems facing me every day in general dental practice are enamel loss caused by attrition and toothbrush abrasion. The first treat with a nocturnal bite raising appliance the second I treat by prescribing Radius toothbrushes. I find that even so called medium toothbrushes are still too hard for most patients. Once they start with a Radius, the sensitivity disappears, and the gingival condition improves dramatically.

I also find that a Radius brush lasts for over a year and so represents a good value for money. I have a practice of 22,000 patients and about a third of all adults are strongly recommended to use your excellent brush.

Yours Sincerely,
David Brown

Spreading the Word

Dear Radius,
I just wanted to say that, today I received me new Radius brush ordered from your web store. I'm a longtime advocate of the Radius brush and though it appears they've become hard to find in my area, the online store has saved the day.

I opened the box inside the post office in my little snowy village of Walpole, NH, and to the wide-eyed wonder of the two women in blue behind the counter, I expounded on the better brushing experience I've had with Radius brushes over the years.

I have no idea how business is, if it's expanding or contracting, being marginalized by whatever mega-corp is currently controlling the global toothbrush market but no matter what, I'd just like to attest to the reality that one happy guy held his Scuba aloft in a village post office in Walpole, NH, and sang your praises.

Thanks for the opportunity. Keep it up.


February 26, 2012

Hi! My name is Austin, a RADIUS fan since 1997. I first came upon your product, "Scuba left hand" at a Meyers food store in Saginaw Michigan.I had become accustomed to the "standard" brush and usually free to those who seek regular dental checkups. Now I'm hooked on RADIUS! Some 45 units later, it's the "norm" With all that being said I simply wish to convey a simple rating of "superior" to your product. I would just like to say I enjoy your product and would recommend it to all. Thanks again,

-Austin, a loyal and satisfied customer, MD

November 15, 2011

Having tried many different toothbrushes including electric and sonic types but none of the toothbrushes have compared with the easy of use of the RADIUS. My mouth is quite small and I was initally concerned I might not be able to adequately brush my back molars, but this concern was totally unfounded. I love the wide coverage, gentle bristles and the long life of the RADIUS - in addition my dentist commented during my checkup upon my brushing skills. I had to let him know it wasn't my technique that changed - just the brush! This brush is WELL worth it's price and I'm looking forward to getting some for our children!

-Namaste Moore, TX

October 30, 2011

I am 15 years old and from Enfield, North London and I spend a lot of my time campaigning tirelessly for animals. Therefore I was delighted to discover that you do not conduct or fund tests on animals. I think this is brilliant and sets a great example for similar companies who should be doing the same.
Thank you very much and good luck for the future.

-Danielle Jane, North London

October 8, 2011

I have been a very satisfied RADIUS user for more than 20 years and I thought you might enjoy this story:
I was in Whole Foods a while ago to buy a new RADIUS, and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) was shopping there with a friend. They were looking at the RADIUS toothbrushes and Steven Tyler picked up (and later purchased) one and his friend remarked that it was a BIG toothbrush. Tyler replied, "And, I have a BIG mouth."

-Carol, MA

September 27, 2011

I have been using your Radius biodegradable organic floss for the last month, and wanted to thank-you so much for creating a great product!! I found your floss online through some earth-friendly websites that referenced it, and it was so special because it is at this time the only biodegradable floss available. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that I can take good care of my teeth by flossing, but not create something for the landfills every time that I do so. I purchased a large amount of the floss through Amazon and absolutely love it. It's also very comfortable to use, and I say that as a person spoiled on another popular comfy floss...yours is just as comfortable, and earth-friendly to boot! Thank-you for taking the time to create and deliver a product that is SO good for the earth. You have a loyal customer in me!


September 25, 2011

Dear Radius Toothbrush,
I just wanted to take a minute to say "thank you" for creating such a wonderful product. I spent the past ten years dreading my dental appointments, as my teeth were so sensitive. I would practically come out of the chair when they scraped plaque near my gumline and my gums would bleed terribly when they flossed. The dental hygeniest suspected the culprit for this was teeth grinding However, during an early summer vacation, I visited an organic market and saw one of your toothbrushes. I decided to try it. I loved how fresh and clean my mouth felt after using it, so I decided that was the toothbrush for me After about 4 1/2 to 5 months after using it, it was time for a dental appointment I dreaded it as always, but this time, there was no pain in the scraping, and my gums did not bleed. What could have happened? The dental hygeniest asked what I had done differently, and all I could say what that I had switched toothbrushes. Thanks to the large head and the massaging of the gums, your toothbrush has been a miracle for my mouth. I will never dread the dentist's chair again. Thank you Radius!

- Jennifer, Winston-Salem, NC

September 21, 2011

I have been using Radius products for many years and my dental well being is better for it! I am also a professional musician and don't go on tour without it. I will always use Radius!

 -Garry, IL

September 9, 2011

Better than any toothbrush I've seen. Better than motorized ones too. Big head that brushes your entire teeth, and comfortable handle. They last longer too versus "regular" toothbrushes. pick this one up.

- Stan, CA

July 7, 2009

I just wanted to let you know I LOVE the Source Toothbrush. I have sensitive teeth and gums and have had a hard time finding a toothbrush that did not make my gums bleed but would clean my teeth. Thanks to the Source, it is no longer painful to brush, my gums have never felt better and my teeth look and feel so much cleaner.

Thank you,
Nancy, Utah

April 16, 2009

My husband has had dental (gums) problems for years! He has appointments with his dentist every 3 months, goes thru various agonies, plaque accumulations, etc. I began using the Radius toothbrush approximately 16 years ago, see my dentist once each year, no cleaning necessary and no actual "e;work"e; or repairs either.

I finally convinced others in my family to "try something new" a few years ago -- to their surprise and astonishment the Radius was life-changing. My husband loves it! The kids were a little more difficult to convert, but they now ask me to "e;order more"e; even though they're adults.

I can do this [buy more RADIUS] with the money we save on dental bills!!
It is an amazing health tool.

Most sincerely,
Linda Schwartz, Redlands, CA

December 10, 2008

Today I received my order for a razor travel case. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that it is made in the good old USA. Thank you from a customer who makes his living in manufacturing. I wish more companies would sell small consumer products made in USA. I'm sure you know how hard it is to find anything that isn't made in China.

Also as a GreenPeace supporter I am very pleased with your environment friendly corporate policies.

I have already placed my second order with your company. I am sure more will follow.

One suggestion, Make note of the items made in USA on your website. I would have been even more inclined to make the purchase had I known in advance the item was made in USA.

Again thank you. Keep up the good work
David Van Grinsven

November 28, 2008

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the travel case. It's perfect, and I plan to put it into action this holiday season.

I can't tell you how long it has been since I've seen the kind of quality customer service you've demonstrated at RADIUS. It's as if customer service has gone by the wayside and you just don't see it anymore. It is so refreshing to discover it at RADIUS.

In repayment, I would like to promise to do "e;this or that"e; to support the fine company that you are, but the only thing I can do is promise my continued loyalty to your products… which is a loyalty you already had due to your quality product line and unmatched customer service.

I wish you all at RADIUS a happy holiday season and once again thank you for your continued customer service.

R - Davie, Florida

November 25, 2008

My husband and I love your product! I stumbled upon it about six years ago and at first my husband laughed at me but he too fell in love. It may be an odd statement to make about a simple tool like the/a toothbrush - but the RADIUS Toothbrush functions well because of its physical design. The idea behind it along with its shape has, at least for my husband and I, created the most astounding toothbrush ever.

Seriously though, the RADIUS Toothbrush is the only toothbrush my husband and I use. My husband is left-handed and considers the designation between right and left handed designs to be more thoughtful of the company than its intent of functionality for its correct use. I rather enjoy all the colors.

Any attempt we make to use a normal or different toothbrush always results in us saying to each other words such as "e;puny"e; and "e;pathetic.

-Thankful to have squeaky clean teeth,
Tiffany Boyd, Anaheim, CA

July 31, 2007

Ever since I switched to Radius about 10 - 12 years ago I stopped having cavities. The bigger wider head and soft long bristles from Radius made THE difference and have not had a single cavity for ages now. I wish I've know radius before!

- Adrian Crisci, Whittier, California

August 8, 2007

It's the best toothbrush I have ever used. My dental health is very important to me and I was looking for a really good toothbrush. I never found anything close to a Radius toothbrush.

- Yuliya Yakhontova, Staten Island, New York

July 31, 2007

Ever since I switched to Radius about 10 - 12 years ago I stopped having cavities. The bigger wider head and soft long bristles from Radius made THE difference and have not had a single cavity for ages now. I wish I've know radius before!

- Adrian Crisci, Whittier, California

Customer Survey Feedback, February 2007

My hygienist said my gingivitis had completely cleared up and congratulated me on my excellent flossing program. I told her I never floss and said it must be due to my Radius toothbrush massaging my gums while cleaning my teeth. I gave her one, but she didn't like it and used it, instead, to clean her shoes. I then gave some to my Dentist and his assistants and they love them. Now my hygienist sheepishly asked for another one which I gave her and she now swears by it. I give them to all my family and friends for stocking stuffers and get a lot of repeat requests. I wish I could buy them in Canada but Loblaw (National Grocers) doesn't carry them anymore and neither does Wal-Mart or A&P. I love them. When I am forced to use a regular toothbrush it seems so inferior and takes forever. I guess I'm a fan.

- Terry Coughlin, Ontario, Canada

I really love Radius and will never use another toothbrush in my life if I can help it. Nothing makes my teeth feel cleaner than Radius. My mother and I share a passion for the toothbrush but they don't sell it anywhere she shops, so I regularly purchase the toothbrushes for her over the internet. Normally the Radius toothbrush is the only hygeine product I purchase over the internet, but I am currently deployed to Iraq so I purchase all of my hygeine products over the internet. I will go back to my normal practices once I return to the States, but I will always order Radius online.

- Alaina Missbach, US ARMY, Killeen, TX

I started out with the Intelligent then moved on to having 2 Scuba's and I am now on the Source. I think the Source is my favorite but I still have my one scuba. I used to live in-front of the Radius plant in Kutztown, I went to school at KU. I loved going in there and checking out the new products and research. I love my Radius and will never use anything else!

- Greg B., Philadelphia, PA

The Radius I replaced with my last order (unbelievably) I purchased in 1990 in Fort Worth Texas at a drug store that was discounting them and closing them out. That brush served me well for 17 years!! Appearance wise the 17 year old Radius still looked good. The bristles were all erect and in place but they were starting to get soft. When I bought it I had no children --- now 2 14-year olds. I thought of sending you the used Radius so it could be retired properly with dignity BUT other duties have called it. It now is my favorite little all purpose cleaning brush. Not a dignified end but it works for me.

- A Very Grateful Customer, Aylesford, Nova Scotia, Canada

The first time I saw Radius tooth brush I thought it was funny looking so I bought it. Turned out the grip and control it gives makes tooth brushing EZ and helps keeps the gums healthy. I see the dentist twice a year and they tell me I am with 2% of people with healthy teeth. If I forget to take my toothbrush on a trip the feeling of another toothbrush just is not right. Thanks for making a GREAT product!!

- Troy, Jamul, CA

I have noticed that my wrist doesn't hurt anymore so it's obvious that the shape of the Radius handle does help ergonomically. Before discovering Radius I was using an automatic toothbrush. I have also tried the kids Radius toothbrush since I am a small woman and now I use both, the original and the kids. Thanks again for coming up with a great product that benefits everyone in so many ways.

I also like your floss a lot. I believe the less chemicals one puts into their body, the better their health is. So glad I discovered Radius!!!

- Sandra La Luz, Fallbrook, CA

Five different dentists and three different hygienists have commented on the high quality of my dental heath and I tell them it is because of my use of the Radius toothbrush.

- Richard Clancy, Eastham, MA

I have used a great many different toothbrushes, including the Sonic Care Electric toothbrush, which is a great product, however, when I realized that my local Vitamin Shoppe retailer carried Radius I began using them once again and hope that they continue to carry these toothbrushes as I found no other toothbrush that compares to Radius. Also, I wear braces and have found this to be an excellent product for people who wear dental appliances. :)

All around a great product that lives up to its claims. I am completely "e;SOLD"e; on Radius toothbrushes! :)

- Jacquelynn Ribondo, Roseville, CA

The best thing about a Radius is the head design and the softness of the bristles. It allows me to massage my gums while I'm brushing. I'm 53 years old and I have only had 4 cavities my whole life. My dentist always complements me on my dental and gum condition. As long as I can get them, I'll always use a Radius toothbrush. Please never stop making them!

- Bill Yester, Pittsburgh, PA

My Dentist is always AMAZED that my teeth and gums are so clean and that I am able to keep them up so well - I know it is because of the Toothbrush AND the Viadent Toothpaste I use, the combination is LETHAL TO DISEASES AND PROBLEMS OF THE MOUTH! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TOOTHBRUSHS, i.e., Design and Size is key!

- Fran Johnson, Happy Owner & Toothbrusher!, Fountain Valley, CA

I use two types of Radius. I use the ORIGINAL for the morning and night, and I use the KIDZ for variety and practicality since the KIDZ is small and gets some spots the big one might miss.

- Dr. Jim Gordon, Beverly Hills, CA

My Ex-Girlfriend had a Radius Toothbrush and got me one. I loved it. Not Liked it, Loved It!!! I have told everyone that I see about it when we talk about toothbrushes. I can never find it at my local drug store so I just started ordering on line. I never see any advertisement about your product. And I am in Advertising! Also my Ex met the owner I think at a convention in NYC. I think they were promoting the floss. Anyway I love your product and it's the Best.

- John Douress, Seaside Park, NJ

March 27, 2005

Dear Mr Foley: My personal bias is that I love the Radius toothbrush because of the size of the Original and Scuba brushes. Just placing it in your mouth automatically puts you in compliance with brushing your teeth and massaging your gums

- Radius fan and D.D.S, Los Angeles, California

April 12, 2004

Dear Radius: In August 2004, I am to marry the strongest advocate of the Radius toothbrush, Stanley Gray. In our first few months of dating, Stan bought me a most unusual gift: what I thought at the time...

October 22, 2004

I can't tell you what an amazing experience it is to use this toothbrush, but...I'll try!!!!!

I have been using the Radius toothbrush for about 18 years now.....I have told everyone I know that they are the best and they should try them and many of my friends and relatives have! You will NEVER go back to using a regular small toothbrush again! The head of this toothbrush is big, about 2.5 X the size of a regular brush and when you brush, you can FEEL the difference - your teeth are cleaner feeling and your gums tingle like you would NOT believe! My dentist ALWAYS comments on how little she needs to clean and how my gums are in amazing shape! You just have to try this brush. I mean it! 

- Radius fan, Norwood, Mass.

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